The Addis Declaration on immunization

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The Addis Declaration on immunization (ADI)

Working together to keep universal access to immunization at the forefront of efforts to reduce child mortality, making communities healthy and contributing to countries’ prosperity.


The world today faces a number of health, economic and social challenges: issues from climate change and state fragility to urbanization and migration affect health conditions, and can put populations at risk. In the face of these challenges, immunization offers a preventive approach. The return on investment for immunization has been estimated to be US $44 for every dollar invested – making it one of the most effective and cost-effective public health tools available. And yet, every year, more than 30 million children under the age of five in Africa fall ill due to vaccine-preventable diseases (VPDs); of these, more than half a million die, representing 58% of global deaths. The current situation threatens not only the health of children and families, but also economic growth and equity in African societies.

About the ADI

Political will for immunization has been gaining critical momentum. In January 2017, Heads of State from across Africa endorsed the Addis Declaration on Immunization (ADI), a historic and timely pledge to ensure that everyone in Africa – regardless of who they are or where they live – receives the full benefits of immunization. The ADI reaffirmed Africa’s commitment – at the highest level – to achieving ambitious immunization goals. It includes 10 commitments to increase political, financial and technical investments in immunization programs. Three years on, it is time to take stock of countries’ progress against these commitments, while simultaneously highlighting areas where renewed efforts are needed. This website aims to help immunization stakeholders and the general public access the available information on progress against the 10 commitments to promote transparency and accountability.